Monday, May 28, 2012

The Pinterest Files

I was trying to explain what Pinterest was to a friend, but she wasn't getting what I found so useful about it. This is what I sent her today:

I'll show you how Pinterest will clarify things for you. This woman is a prolific pinner, but she has a brilliant eye. If you spend much time looking at her pins in a given area, you'll start to edit your desire, which is exactly what someone who knows lots of stuff but can't execute needs: Editing.

It's the counterfeit principle. You'll never learn to throw out a bad $20 bill by learning all about inks and paper. The only way you teach your fingers to throw out the bad bill is to handle mountains of good bills, then your fingers acquire their own muscle memory and reject the bad.

The same with all the other stuff you don't need and ultimately don't want. Fill your vision, in this case literally, up with beautiful things you do want, and if you keep at it you will react viscerally to your own environment when it does not reflect that. You'll edit your own stuff down and toss whatever it takes to make the vision of the beautiful or the joyful happen.

A vital tool for directing the head is the eye. Seeing is different than thinking. The Bible says so. Use it.

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