Saturday, August 4, 2012

"exactly who I am"

From Pacing the Panic Room, a great little blog that I just found this morning and is apparently going away:

"Some people that have seen the photos I posted above mentioned they rarely see me smile this way, some of those people have been my friends for years, Cole sees me smile this way 100 times a day.

I love this woman so much and never knew that true happiness had little to do with smiles and laughter, but had everything to do with comfort, how calm my heart and head can be while wholly existing with her. It's incredibly lucky to be loved this way, and I get to be exactly who I am around her, shamelessly and unapologetically me, without a shred of fear or self consciousness I know that she loves me for it, and that's when the real toothy McHuge smile comes out."

He's on to something.