Friday, April 12, 2013


Begin morning nautical twilight
They say that's when attacks were launched during the French and Indian Wars.
Is that why I wake up to rustling sounds of things in motion that I don't want know, things I thought wouldn't be this time, because this was going to be different, but it isn't really? Just more of the same, always more of the same.

Why : it doesn't matter. Why makes no matter, it just is.
Here: because  Facebook is full of  "friends" now, and we (me) must be full of polite and not notice and not know, because we're all nice there now. Here has no followers or readers of any kind, so I can say here in the darkness what I'm not supposed to notice there.

Hello little spam bots. [Delete]

Just listen to the song of my soul, and rock, and hum along. Morning is coming. The dawn will drive away what the heart knows in the night.

Don't worry, this post will go away, too. We must all be nice here, too. I know nothing. Never did.

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