Saturday, June 22, 2013

Love affairs

The oak sideboard has reached its final placement, so I'm loading it up with all the stuff I've had elsewhere waiting while it migrated around the house. I'm going to use it as a server, so in digging the liquor bottles out of the closet I thought I'd see how long that stuff is good for. I'm the world's worst drinker, I keep forgetting to do it. I like a good drink - I don't really care for bad ones - and I have a ridiculous amount of vodka now because I kept forgetting I had it.

Anyway, as it turns out, open bottles of liqueurs don't last forever, perhaps 18 months at best. I had two petite bottles of Grand Marnier and Tia Maria that I had retrieved years ago in cleaning out Mother's things. They were bought no doubt during my parents' marriage and saved for "some day special." Someday never came, and as it turns out, the cork on one had dried out and the alcohol began to evaporate.

Love affairs, like good liquor, are for enjoying now, this year, while you have it. All you kids know that, but no one in my family ever did. It was all for  "we'll do that later, when we have the time, right now I need to ..." paint the house, get rid of this headache, call about taking a class next semester, go see about the farm. Love and happiness could wait until tomorrow. 

Not really, the love dries up and goes away.

I'm thirsty.

Little sips, Sweetie, little sips. Just begin where you are.

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