Sunday, June 9, 2013

Not ANY Thing

I've let the ADHD issue slip to the back burner for over a year (a very ADD thing to do, of course,) but I've joined an ADHD group online now (can't remember how, again...) and so now I'm having all the ADD issues thrown up at me repeatedly on a daily basis. I had read a few things before, learned a bit, watch some very educational videos, but I hadn't really meditated on it daily and seen how the disorder was working itself out in my life. Until now.

Long story short: Not ANY thing I ever wanted to do, participate in, interests to pursue, anything you can think of - not any of it was ever possible, because I can't keep my intentions together and follow thru, and because I offend people all the time with my personality and what I say.

That's harsh and maybe I shouldn't put it out here, but it's really true, and I don't have any resources to do anything about it.

All my dreams and hopes are dying. All of them.


Here's a pretty picture to look at instead.

Have a nice day.

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Sweetbriar said...

Back around here again, full force, full stop. Is it a summer thing or does it just take me a year to figure out that every direction I tried to go, every place I am, is not working? I'm so tired of being sucked back into places and ways I've NEVER wanted to be. I feel like I'm living someone else's nightmare. I want to find that dreamer, kill him in his sleep and make him set me free to live my own life.