Monday, January 5, 2015

On background

First flowers of the January Cure

I've changed the background back to one blogger provides. The tile effect just wasn't working for me. I've always liked this photo, I'm into decorating, but not quite on this scale. Just the same, I wouldn't mind sitting here and meditating on things awhile.

I was thinking the other day on why I post here, I can see that I'm a bit long winded and obscure for most people. You'd really have to have read all the posts from the beginning to have any clue at all to what I'm writing about. I was told by someone a couple of years ago that they thought my ADHD post really nailed it for them, which is fine, but no one really wants to discuss the other issues - including me! It's possible I put these things out there so that, when I'm done with it, it will make a coherent whole that will speak to someone else. This being the internet, it's just hanging out in the 'trons for anyone to find at any time, perhaps at the right time for them.

I've also considered that I can take this into another direction entirely, perhaps decorating, or food, or just a gigantic dump of that plus everything else I might consider interesting along the way. I couldn't seek out traffic, simply because I can't support traffic. The need to post to keep an audience entertained on a regular basis would backfire right into my ADD and I would become resentful and harried in very short order. Not everything is worth writing about and I've never had a care whether strangers much liked me at all.  That sort of attitude is really bad for sales popularity blog traffic.


After letting this sit for the night and taking up the world again this morning, I've decided to do "everything" for the month of January. I'm doing Apartment Therapy's January Cure for my house and I rather suspect that will be fodder for quite a few things that would be relevant to the ADD, codependency, life, and "fashion, beauty, and decorating" (said in my best Elsa Klensch voice.) I'm reading both Codependent No More and Facing Love Addiction at the same time and feeling the need for some serious C.S. Lewis, perhaps A Grief Observed, definitely The Weight of Glory (essay), and at some point The Silver Chair.

Until then, here's a bit of Elsa on decorating. Would that HGTV would put one hour per week of programming of this quality. It would make the channel worthwhile. Except for Sarah, I love Sarah.

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