Monday, February 20, 2017

Call me a fool if you want

" Why should I hold back
And cling to my dignity
When the God who made the heavens
 Came down and held NOTHING back for me

I will lift up my hands
I will bow on my face
I will dance with my feet
I will jump up and praise
I will shout it out loud,
"He's released me from shame!"
All the nations shall worship
And I'll do the same"

There is nothing more shameful than being arrested,
convicted of capital crimes,
all your possessions confiscated by the government,
hated and despised by your own community,
derided and ridiculed as you are led away,
beaten and stripped naked,
nailed to a tree along the side of the road,
to die,
as a common criminal,
abandoned by friends and family alike,
no mercy shown in heaven or earth.

He held nothing back.


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