Sunday, June 18, 2017

New video help - Jerry Wise

As per usual, I don't know how I found or clicked on his videos, but I haven't yet found a bad one in the lot. He's a family systems therapist, has decades of experience as a therapist (a HUGE difference among the youtube pantheon of codependence therapy), and I recommend his videos without reservation.

There are other therapists in the practice, they also make videos, but I'm not recommending OR warning about them. I will say that I recoil in horror from one of those therapists, he just creeps me out like watching a demon speak. Another one just brushed me the wrong way within a minute, so I just stopped the video and went back to another Jerry Wise video.

YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY. You may not like Jerry Wise. Watch what speaks to you. It could be that all the other therapists' videos from the Family Tree therapy group except Jerry Wise are the ones that are a real help to you.  I'm taking it on faith that everyone in that group is qualified and competent and could be of help, so, watch what helps you.

But, here's one that's a bit different and has some ideas that I'm working thru this morning. Below it I will link to some video lists that should encompass all of Wise's videos for easy shopping and viewing.

List "My Jerry Wise List"
(Not me, just the name of the list.)

List "jerrywiserelationshipsystems"

List "Jerry Wise's Videos"

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